Monday, October 11, 2010

Views from my Window

I think I've told you already, but just in case I haven't, did you know I'm blessed with some beautiful views out my lounge window?

Every morning during winter, I would open my curtains, and this is what I would see.. Mt Fishtail....

Apparently the shape of it's peak is like an inverted fishtail. The image was taken out of my lounge window as it was too cold to go out onto the deck that morning. Minus 3, and you stay inside! But note the blue sky. By 11am, the inside temperature of my house would be 22C simply because the sun warms it up!

Looking slightly to the left of Fishtail, and you go right down the Wairau Valley to St Arnaud. There's a skifield up there. This image makes it look like I could walk there, but believe me, it's about an hours drive to get there. I was just using a long telephoto lens to bring it closer to you.

The view makes me catch my breath every morning!

This one shows you what it's really like without the telephoto lens. I enjoy these views, but only get them in the winter once the vineyard has been pruned. During spring and summer, the leaves of the vineyard block it out. I still see Mt Fishtail though.

Back when I first moved in, I showed you one of my amazing sunsets that I'm spoilt with. Just in case you forgot, here it is again...

The sunsets continue to amaze me, each one is so different. From reds, oranges, to golden sunbursts. I often look forward to that time of the day, just to see what mother nature is going to throw up at me!

Here's one of the many golden sunbursts..

This one is on a slightly wider angle, but if you look closely to the left of it, you can see the St Arnaud range in the background.

The last two images I took tonight. I couldn't decide which one was the better image, so I put them both up. You can decide for me!

I don't think I'll move out of this house for a while. I'm enjoying the views from my window too much!


Anonymous said...

the first picture for the sunset

you have simply one of the best views anyone could want

now for fun how about capturing a picture or two of those rabbits under your deck?

Robyn said...

I agree with the views. But trying to capture the rabbits under my deck would be difficult. I would need some sort of camera that can get in tiny spaces!!

I would need to get studio lighting under there.

And I would need to build some sort of safety net for myself as these rabbits grow to the size of skyscrapers!

colin said...

Hi Robyn,

These are great. When you can get up to Pelorous and the Tin-line Valley. My grandad had the last operating old-time sawmill up there. Its nice too. The view out my windows have changed, those Tui and Kaka photo's are for memories as we are moving to Kerikeri!


Robyn said...

Kerikeri? But that's even further from me!!! Nice place though, when I pass through on my way to kaitaia I'll come and visit ;)